Terms of Use

All of our content at Bible Effect is free to use. We encourage you to share links to our videos on social media, blogs, websites, or apps. As it is meant to be free and accessible for all people, we ask that no profit be made in showing our content.

Playing The Bible Effect Videos for a Group

We encourage you to use our videos in classrooms, churches, conferences, Bible studies, or in any group setting. Licenses are not needed to play any of our videos for a group. In return, we just ask for three things:

  • Please give credit to The Bible Effect
  • Please engage with the group about the book or topic of the video watched
  • And again, please do not charge people for our videos that they are watching

Making Copies

You may download our videos for free for your own personal use, or to play for a wider audience. In doing this, you agree not to edit the content in any way, for any purpose. You also agree not to sell or make a profit from the distribution or access of our content. The only exception is to cover the cost of the storage medium (for instance, a DVD or thumb drive).

Usage Restrictions

If you are embedding our videos behind any sort of paywalled content, please clearly indicate that these videos were created by The Bible Effect, and that this content is available for free by visiting our website, www.thebibleeffect.com.

You may not alter or edit any of our content. You also may not upload any of our content to any server or streaming service, but may only share online using our links to the videos.

Further Usage & Inquiries

If you have any further questions about using our content, or any partnerships, please email us at: info@thebibleeffect.com.