Frequently Asked Questions

The effect that the Bible has, is like the Butterfly Effect. We believe that when we know and apply God’s truth, it first takes root and resonates in our own beliefs, choices, actions and lives. From there, it impacts the people and the community around us. As this process continues over and over, this is called The Bible Effect. 

Our main focus is to highlight the historical background surrounding each book of the Bible. 

When you understand the historical context of the book you are reading, you are able to grasp and understand what may have seemed challenging or unclear in the past. 

We are providing a tool for you to engage the book for yourself: to interpret what it is saying in light of the historical background we provide, and discover the timeless message that God is communicating to us today. 

Currently we are donating our time, equipment and skills because we are passionate about the Bible and equipping fellow Christians to know the Bible in a deeper way

Our dream and goal is not only to make more of these videos but also to have them available in many different languages – especially for countries where Christianity is growing rapidly but where they have very little to no Bible resources! 

We are only be able to continue this ministry through generous donations from people like you. Thank you!

We are a ministry of Youth With A Mission, which is an international, inter-denominational missions organization. 

As we provide teachings on the background of the books of the Bible, we do not have any intentions of promoting any set of denominational views or doctrines. We hope to empower you to come to a sound, Biblically-based understanding of what God is saying, as you continue to dig into the Bible and study it more for yourself!

Feel free to use our videos for your own personal use, in classrooms, churches, or wherever you like. We do ask that you not make any monetary profit from showing our videos. 

For further guidelines, please see our Terms of Use.

Yes! There are so many countries where Christianity is growing rapidly, but Bible resources are scarce or unavailable. Our dream is to have free resource videos available in every language possible to serve the Body of Christ worldwide.

Currently, our videos are available in Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Nepali, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Norwegian and German. We are looking to expand the number of available languages all the time!

If you are interested in joining our efforts in making that dream a reality, please contact us directly. 

Our material is sourced from current and reputable Christian publications, such as Bible dictionaries, commentaries and topical books, not to mention the Bible itself. When applicable we also consult ancient historical works such as Assyrian or Roman records.

We also have advisors that are experienced, respected and knowledgeable in the fields that we are covering in our videos. We submit all our teaching materials for review and feedback.

We will continue to connect with you through our social media, by releasing additional and helpful background information, questions to fuel you to engage the book in a deeper way, and eventually post more teachings on our website. Our goal is not to create Bible robots who can’t think for themselves, but to inspire people to be Bible ninjas who know how to wield the Bible for themselves. 

We can also suggest many different books, programs, and schools for further Biblical education.