Titus – Study

AT-A-GLANCE Chapters 1:1-2:10 Leading by Lifestyle Chapters 2:11-3:15 Transformed by God QUICK FACTS Author: Paul the Apostle Original Reader: Titus  Date Written: c. AD 63 Written From: Possibly Achaia or Macedonia, on the way to Nicopolis Key Verse: 2:11-14 Major Themes: Proper behavior; Sound doctrine DISCOVER THE HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF TITUS HOW TO STUDY THE […]

2 Timothy – Study

2 TIMOTHY AT-A-GLANCE Chapters 1:1-18 Not Ashamed of the Gospel Chapters 2:1-3:9 Present Yourself as God’s Approved Worker Chapters 3:10-4:22 Carry Out Your Ministry Fully QUICK FACTS Author: Paul the Apostle Original Reader: Timothy, in Asia Date Written: c. AD 67-68 Written From: Prison in Rome Key Verse: 4:5 Major Themes: Endure suffering; Faithfulness DISCOVER THE HISTORICAL […]

1 Timothy – Study

1 TIMOTHY AT-A-GLANCE Chapter 1:1-20 Instructions for Timothy: Teach Sound Doctrine Chapter 2:1-3:16 Instructions for the Church: Proper Behavior Chapter 4:1-16 Instructions for Timothy: Train Yourself for Godliness Chapter 5:1-6:2a Instructions for the Church: Conduct Chapter 6:2b-21 Instructions for Timothy: Pursue Righteousness QUICK FACTS Author: Paul the Apostle Original Reader: Timothy, in Ephesus Date Written: […]